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Eight Simple Ways To Tap Into Your Intuition

In my previous article ‘Why learning to trust your intuition is vital to living a passionate life’, it was established that our best decisions, the decisions that are right for us, are made when we move away from the ‘thinking, planning and doing’ mode and enter into the ‘feeling, sensing and being’ mode.  That is, […]



Why Learning To Trust Your Intuition Is Vital To Living A Passionate Life

Learning to use our intuition enables us to unlock all the brilliant potential that resides within so that we can start to live our lives with more passion and joy, discover our purpose and successfully live the life we dream of. Unfortunately, many people have lost touch with their ‘gut instinct’ or their ability to […]



What Would You Do If Money Were No Object?

I stumbled across this awesome video today which is so incredibly powerful and inspiring (3 min). How many of us are guilty of doing it for the money? If we make money the thing which is most important, rather than putting our passion first and being of service to others then we are completely wasting […]